Nutshell CV

1981 – 1998 : St. Bridget’s Convent, Col -7

1998 – 1999 : MEIP (A environment programme of the World Bank & UNDP)

1999 – 2000 : Impact House of Advertising

2000 – 2004 : Lowe LDB / LDB Lintas

2004 – 2007 : Zenith MarCom

2007 – 2010 : Ogilvy Action

On the night of 31st December 2009, sanity (often mistaken by the unimaginative to be insanity in fact) dawned. It may have had something to with the fact that it was the night of the blue moon. But for you pragmatic sorts, let’s say it was a case of the years piling up and a random grey-hair discovered through a bathroom mirror. None-the-less, a job was quit and by February of 2010, I was a free woman. An unemployed one, owing to the belief of insanity I was on about earlier.

The plan was to use my well honed creative skills on something better than selling soap. I’ve bought a camera, started writing, performing and even getting myself published from time to time. This blog is basically going chronicle all that and serve as a reminder of why I said goodbye to the corporate whorehouse.

The blog’s title is from a song by Comus, called, to nobody’s surprise, In the Lost Queen’s Eyes, the lyrics to which are nowhere to be found.


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