Vivimarie VanderPoorten launches second book

Vivimarie VanderPoorten, winner of the Gratiaen Prize  launched her second collection of poetry – “Stitch your eyelids shut”

Stitch your eyelids shut

Here’s a peek:

Verb to have

Once I lost a baby.

Speech meditated thought

And somewhere along pain’s parade

I learned to say those words aloud

Words are a vessel

Large enough to store acceptance

People who don’t know of this little loss

ask me in uppercase

Are you NEVER going to have a child, then?

And my mind implants on “have”

Have. To bear. To own.

To possess. Also verb: to give birth to.

Past tense: had.

And as the almost-had

mourning marches past

another milestone

grief for what was lost

expands like a womb.

Emptiness is like a vessel

Large enough to store the universe

– Vivimarie VanderPoorten

Vivi, signing her new book


4 thoughts on “Vivimarie VanderPoorten launches second book

  1. She is such a treat to read. Who I see writes about the pain in our daily lives. But was surprising to find that her last book, is already out of print (I tried to get a copy when I was in SL ). If u know a place which has copies pls let me know

  2. Vivi! Loved the poem above! I was worried but hoping this book is as fantstic as the first and I was not disappointed! Super work and congrats!

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