Slaughterhouse in Chilaw

A Prayer for Salvation: one of the 300 goats brought to slaughter inside the Arulmigu Sri Mahabathrakaliyam Kovil in Munneswaram, Chilaw on 25th August 2010

This is an article published in the Sunday Leader about the mass slaughter of goats and chicken at the Arulmigu Sri Maha Bathrakaliyam Kovil in Munneswaram Chilaw on 25th August 2010. Some 300 goats and countless chickens were brought into slaughter, mainly carried or dragged in by children whose parents are under the mistaken idea that the goddess Kali will bless their children for this act. An eye witness mentioned that one child was slapped by his father for not wanting to watch the slaughter.

Dragged to slaughter: two boys beating and dragging a reluctant goat into the kovil premises

From being inside the place, I can safely say that this cannot be attributed to religion alone. For one, there were countless numbers of Bhuddists inside, demanding that the killings take place. One woman went to the extent of brandishing a knife at me when I tried to take a photograph. For another this is merely one sect of Kali worshippers and there are many sects in Hinduism, most who are completely vegetarian and do not endorse this kind of practice. Looking back at the history of sacrificial slaughters, it can also be noted that this is not a religious practice but more a cultural ritual. People do the most dastardly things under the guise of religion. The religion is not to blame – merely the people who seem to think they know how to practice it.

The Human Condition: Two young men take a goat into slaughter with unabashed smiles on their faces

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8 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse in Chilaw

  1. Nice try, trying to blame Buddhists when they have been protesting against this barbaric act at this Hindu temple. Some are even villifying the monks as being against “religious freedom”… pathetic.

    1. Raji
      Can I ask a simple question? Why aren’t the monks protesting against all the slaughter houses where animals are killed for meat? Do you have a comment on that?

  2. First of all, I’m am personally against things like this. But it doesn’t mean that one part of the community who believes in one faith or a philosophy has a right to protest against a belief of another faith to this extent. What if they were the correct believers while we were only thinking / following the wrong faith. For Humanity’s sake they think that they are right as much as we do. Their faith has allowed and adviced them to do that. Maybe its wrong but it’s their beliefs. How many people out of those who held up a board or something have gone and protested at keells or maxies. I’m pretty sure these people wont add up to all the chicken they kill a day. Pls. Don’t fall victim thoughts of Racism / Extremism.

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