FOCAL POINT – for photographers and photography enthusiasts

Many people take pictures, but only some take them for purposes other than to chronicle their own lives. For some people, from the very first time they press down that button on their cameras or even camera phones, they know something has changed. It feels like the start of a relationship of sorts, a bond with your camera that you know is probably going to last longer than most others in your life. And together, you start to hold up a mirror to the world, reflected through your eyes and thoughts.

We’re a small island of shutterbugs with many thoughts to share with eachother, so why not get together and do so? Welcome to Focal Point, an initiative set up to facilitate the coming together of photographers across the country and sharing of thoughts and work.

We thought we would begin with an initial meet up in Colombo early in April where we can decide what this would mean to us together and how we could go about making this a group that would be beneficial to us all.

In the meanwhile, this page will also serve as a hub for information on all things photography – from interesting photos to photography workshops, exhibitions and competitions from around the world. So keep watching this space for any opportunities you maybe looking for.

For more information, write to us here, like the facebook page or email us at


2 thoughts on “FOCAL POINT – for photographers and photography enthusiasts

  1. This is a great idea… and the timing is perfect. I was lamenting the lack of a group like this just yesterday!

    Would love to join the “meet-up” whenever it may take place…

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