Walking through my history

Beauty & reverence maybe subjective things but once in a rare moment or so it comes together so excruciatingly well that you need to stand up and pay attention.

I photographed this at the National Museum, Colombo a week ago and I smiled at the bus loads of school children who are blessed to see it everyday. In a nation that mistakenly identifies archaic Victorian virtues as our own Sri Lankan heritage, I’m proud to see this gloriously beautiful Tara-Shakthi on show for all the world to see.

Hush now, maybe the powers that be haven’t made the connection yet 🙂

FYI – Tara is the Shakthi or consort of the Bhodhisatva Avalokitesvara also identified with the Hindu god Shiva. Thus Tara is also identified with Shiva’s consort, his Shakthi made flesh in Durga, Uma, Parvati & Kali.


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