Thank you for the music

History was made last week. At least for those of us who are serious about our music 🙂

Between 30th and April and 6th May, Sri Lankan metal fans were given a taste of something phenomenal. Not only were we blessed enough to hear bands of the caliber of Vedic Metal band Rudra and thrash/death metal band Nervecell within one week, supported by Absence of the Sacred and Cyanide Serenity along with local acts, Stigmata, Fallen Grace, Hollow, Mass Damnation and Rage but we were also blessed to be privy to something bigger; bands who were thus far considered to be at ‘war’ with eachother walked into to both gigs in a sign of solidarity and support. In the words of Suresh de Silva, front man of Stigmata ‘we don’t have to like eachother to respect eachother’. Someone told me a few days ago that the rivalry has helped the bands grow. That maybe true to an extent, but the industry can only grow when talented people share a common respect for eachothers’ work. And its finally happening. This is going to be a good year for Sri Lankan music and I was honoured to have had the privilege of a front seat view. So to the organizers, performers and every person present, thank you for the music.

Here are links to my two albums :

COLOMBO OPEN AIR, CR & FC Grounds 30th April 2011

PSYCHO MARTYRDOM, British School Auditorium, 6th May 2011

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