Do Nothing. Gain Everything.

A philosophy for new age living by BLUDGE.

Words and Photos by me. Published in the Sunday Leader on Sunday June 3rd 2012.

What would you do if you didn’t have a care in the world? No responsibilities, no commitments, no one depending on you to get things done? If life’s rewards are reaped by the hard work we put into it, then wanting to do absolutely nothing at all can’t be all that good, can it?

There were two people who spent many years in advertising; a talented art director and a multi-faceted strategist, who opted one day to stop slaving away at making the rich richer and just do what they wanted to. Which was pretty much nothing, unless they personally felt motivated or inspired to do so.

You’d think they would have amounted to nothing much as a result, but you’d be surprised.

The concept of starting a revolution from your bed may sound a little outdated and even outlandish in this day and age, but ‘Bludgy’ (Shehara de Silva) and ‘Sala’ (Arrvinda Salwatura) seem to have done just that. When you’re no longer doing what someone asks you to do because you depend on them for a pay cheque at the end of the month, inspiration begins to flow from a far more real place.

Together they launched ‘BLUDGE’, a philosophy for living; one that directly responds to our yearning to break free from what has begun to seem like an endless cycle of work, work and more, just for a salary. BLUDGE celebrates those parts within us that want to sit back and do nothing for a change instead of waking up and cursing our way through traffic just to spend our days getting back problems by sitting in front of a PC all day. Everyone wants to break free and everyone deserves to.

The BLUDGE philosophy comes to life through a range of limited edition tees for the tripped out, a Facebook page (, a blog that inspires, a trippers Bludge Lounge at most beach parties and a business concept built on turning the nature of clothing retail into a system as simple as calling for a pizza. Simplicity of access is what they are all about; since the philosophy is all about doing the bare minimum, every facet of brining Bludge closer to you has also been driven by that same desire. Visit their website (, pick one of their 15 designs (unless already sold out) and it’ll be in your hands in no time, packed in a one-of-a-kind goodie box that not only holds your t-shirt but toys and other treats designed to trip you out in the process.

The range will expand into far more than t-shirts, becoming a collection that will be a calling card for individual expression and creative freedom.

Individuals who embrace the Bludge philosophy are unique people, the crazy ones, the brave ones. It takes a lot to be able to admit that you don’t want to do what everyone else does because there doesn’t seem to be another way forward. How does one survive, make money and find a way to save for the future without following the clear cut path set out for us? It takes insight to realize that when a path doesn’t exist, you don’t just take the road less travelled; Sala & Bludgy live out the philosophy they believe so much in by carving out their own path and walking hand-in-hand in their own way forward; because it’s not the direction of the finish line that matters, it’s how much time you had to smile, inhale paradise and make the journey take longer to reach its end.

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