Beyond the Frame – One Billion Rising

A conceptual photomontage created by Artist Rudrani DeviDas & Photographer Natalie Soysa for ONE BILLION RISING, featuring music by Susheela Raman.

Dedicated to all the women and children who have been abused, harassed, raped and killed because of Gender Based Violence in Sri Lanka and the world over.

I rise above the framework of so-called authority
that is no longer relevant,
that takes no interest in our welfare,
and curbs my individual Freedom.
I rise above this framework so that I may begin
to create a more beautiful, rooted, guiding structure,
Not just for myself, but for all my brothers and sisters.

I rise above the inhibitions of my mind;
The petty voice that whispers I am of no worth.
These are the frames within frames that prevent me
from exploding past bigger limitations.
They will hold me down no more.
I rise because I will not heed expired insecurities;

I rise to trust myself, love myself, and believe in myself.

I rise above the framework of causation,
For I choose a life away from greed and selfishness.
I rise from a deeper place within,
For I am a powerful, fearless spirit that knows
Change comes by taking responsibility
and understanding the laws of Truth.
I have the will to rise above Duality,
And naught shall subdue me.

I rise,
Because I am awake to the Truth
Because I am no longer dejected and afraid
Because I have seen and envisioned a better future
And because it is my path
to reach and merge with the Light.

By Rudrani Devi Das

and Natalie Soysa


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