Open Call: Exploring Extremism (An Anthology for Young Readers)

The Ph Publishing House is now accepting submissions for an up-coming anthology that addresses the nature of fundamentalism. Aimed at a readership of children, aged 12 and above, the anthology hopes to examine extremist values existing within our present national psyche featuring stories in written and visual forms.

Submissions will be accepted from Sri Lankan writers, authors, cartoonists and illustrators working as individuals or in teams of two.

If our recent history tells us anything, it is this: the aftermath of one tragedy is yet another one. The end of a 30-year ethnic conflict has paved the way for a new fundamentalist uprising, continuing the island’s turbulent narrative into another generation.

Fundamentalist attitudes are constantly present in varying degrees across communities, casts and creeds – how do we begin to address this and prevent new generations from being burdened with this national condition? Could the answer be found in how we address our children?

The subconscious passing down of propaganda in our speech, behaviours and attitudes have contributed to shaping young minds If what we pass down to the next generation, (unwittingly or otherwise) continues to breed extremist values, maybe it is time for a new narrative.
We particularly ask that you submit stories that are interactive in nature and create a sense of introspection within young readers; help them question their own motives and learn to separate them from a mass psyche.

Please write to me for any further information –


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