No, I wasn’t raised on Mars. But I might as well have been.

I don’t think I see the world through your eyes. I return from a journey and feel strange in my own bedroom. I find a Himalayan hippie commune a more familiar place than home.

I’m a strangely disconnected human, committing a to life on the road and retirement on a solitary mountain. But there is time yet for that mountain. I have others to climb. Kilimanjaro, Parnassus, Sri Pada.

Adam’s Peak/Sri Pada | February 2016 | Sri Lanka

Travel. It’s a drug and I am hooked. Adventurers, wanderers, trippers — come with. Tourists, go home or go to TripAdvisor.

Let’s be strangers in this strange land, this third rock from the sun. Come, like an earthling raised on Mars and see everything anew.

Edinburgh, Scotland | August 2013 | United Kingdom

Let’s discover the peculiar ways of man and how we can all jump to conclusions no matter where in the world we come from. And how frighteningly alike we all really are.

The arid mountains of the Mediterranean pave the way for rainforests across the tropics. Dust from South Africa finds its way into the springtime winds of gloomy Aegina.

And starlight can always guide you home.

Ellaidhoo | August 2015 | The Maldives

Introducing a brand new blog; #Earthwalker on @medium. Travel writing and photography from the road.

I’ll see you on the other side 🙂



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